Duration: 16:42
Peep On Me
What’s happening my favorite perv? I set up the video camera so you can peep on me while I take a shower.
Duration: 11:08
Bath Time
Hey perv come watch me take a bath and save so I’m nice and smooth for you:-)
Duration: 05:47
Touch Me
I’ve been waiting all day for you come watch me, come touch me, come all over me. Since the only realistic option is you watching me then sit back, look me in the eye, grab your hard cock and stroke it as I rub my pussy and clit, I’ll start off slow and build it up until we both cum together…. Ok now it’s time for me to change my panties:-)
Duration: 09:36
She's Got Legs
I got a request for a video showing more of my legs but not being too sexual. Other them opening my legs I had trouble figuring out what to do, so here's a clip of me after a nice long bath putting cream on my legs and getting ready to go out. If you have any requests don't be shy, send 'em along:-)
Duration: 25:22
Get To Know Me
I saw Addison’s update where she finally shuts her trap and just strips lol, and I’m going to the opposite. I figure why not let you guys into my life a little more and tell you more about me, my boobs, my love of porn, my past jobs, all about my whacky life. It’s not easy to just talk for 25 minutes without saying um, so, un, too much, so if I sound like a bit of dork or a ditz it’s because I partly am lol...
Duration: 21:58
Get Wet With Me
This video is for all you peeping perverts that just want to peek into my bathroom and watch me. Watch me as I run my bath, get naked, get in, get wet and get hairless...
Duration: 21:01
Cum All Over My Face
I just got home from work and I’m horny, I need it bad, I want you to fuck me and then cum all over my face. Cover my lips and teeth with cum, mmm daddy it tastes so good. I’m going to play with your cum in my mouth as it drips off my lips, keep stroking that cock for me, keep stroking it you fucking bastard and cover me in cum. Now can you last as long as this video, if not pause it, reload, then blow another load all over my fucking face. The video is HUGE so if it takes a while to download it’s because it’s 20 minutes long, it was actually 2 clips but I put them together as one long one, do you have a long one? lol:-)
Duration: 17:57
Essence of Moisture
Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty. I’ll give you two points and a hand job if you can tell me what movie that’s from, without googling it smart ass! It’s so damn dry in Las Vegas that after a shower I need to moisturize my body, wanna help rub it in?
Duration: 17:22
I Shot Myself!
With a video camera, what the fuck were you thinking? Leave me alone with a camera and I’m going to pay and entertain the fuck out of you, enjoy…
Duration: 16:28
Bouncing Boobies
Remember in older movies when you’d see someone try to hypnotize someone by dangling a watch or something shiny in front of someone. That’s so full of crap, I know how to hypnotize any guy, just shake my boobies in front of him for a few minutes and he’ll be staring and willing to do what ever I ask:-) I don’t work out in the bathroom, as you can see by how I’m gasping for air I don’t work out much at all lol, but here’s little work out video so you can see me doing all kinds of silly things so you can see me jumping around neked and bouncing my boobies for you!
Duration: 15:20
Sybian Ride
I’ve heard of this sybian thing before but never tried it. Problem is the cock it comes with was too big for my tight pussy so I had to find a smaller attachment. As you’re going to see I really REALY liked this device.  This is part 1,2,3 and 4 edited together so you can see enjoy it over and over. It fucked so hard it made my eyes water for Christ sake!
Duration: 10:54
Fucking Perv!
So get this, the dude that films me has a girlfriend. She’s cool with him shooting me, she has her own site and he shoots a bunch of girls I know, we’re all a bunch of little sluts. Her only rule is no hand jobs, oral or fucking, he can touch our tits and ass but that’s about it. So he finally got her to agree to grinding lap dances, he’s such a fucking pervert, so know he is pitching all of us to grind on his dick. I love making him all hard teasing the shit out of him and watching him cum in his pants.
Duration: 10:36
Pussy Play
Do you mind if I play with my pussy a little?
Duration: 10:35
Toy Time
I was feeling horny so I grabbed my camera and started to rub my pussy, my fingers were doing a good job but I wanted something nice and hard in my pussy, that’s where my fun little toy comes in. I enjoy my toy but after that sybian ride nothing comes close to that.
Duration: 10:31
Get Wet With Me
Hey pervert, yeah you the fucking pervert watching me, what kind of guy wants to watch some chick take a shower, fucking peeping pervert. That’s right, you’re a pervert and I wouldn’t want you any other way so never change you sick fuck. I get off knowing strangers from all over the world are watching me shower, which makes me more of a pervert then you’ll ever be, so time to step it up a notch you mini perv, you’re like the diet coke of pervert, just one calorie, not enough;-)
Duration: 10:27
Titty Slap & BJ
My boyfriends out of town and for some reason he really likes slapping my tits around. So after some self-slapping I took out a nice big dildo (he’ll be pissed that I’m saying this but the dildo is a bigger then him:-) and I’ll show you guys my cock sucking skills. I like giving long deep wet and messy blow jobs, so just imagine this big dildo is your cock and enjoy…
Duration: 10:11
Rub Me, Touch me
After a long shift dancing, I just want to come home to a nice massage. I need a good rub down on all parts, especially my over worked little ass.
Duration: 10:08
Sucky sucky
I love sucking cock, drooling all over it, taking it deep and gagging on it, nice and sloppy as I fuck my mouth with this big dildo.
Duration: 10:06
Riding Hard
Oki so I’m a bit of a loser and have been pronouncing the sybian wrong, get over it fucker. This machine unfucking real, it’s no replacement for a good hard cock but god damn it’s pretty fucking close. I have a potty mouth today, I guess I talk more like a trashy whore when I’m watching myself fuck this jack hammer of machine! It’ll be a great day when they perfect a robot that can fuck me like this machine does! I really need one of these at home, I don’t think I’d ever leave. 
Duration: 09:56
Lonely Nights
It’s late, I’m all alone and I’m really horny, so I decided to grab the camera and have a little fun with it. Lying there touching myself, smacking my tits around for you, wishing you were here with me. Here to cum on my tits, to cum all over my lips, to cum on my face, to cum on my nose, to cum all over me!
Duration: 09:29
Put Em On
Put em on, take em off, dance around, your wish is my command...
Duration: 07:00
So this video was a special request, I was asked to film myself while playing with my tits and to suck on my fingers and thumb…
Duration: 06:41
For some reason the audio on this clip is low, sorry for that, but you get to see me playing with my boobs. Do you really want to listen to my silly talk when you can look at my tits instead?
Duration: 06:26
Long Dong
Most people look at Ron Jeremy and think he’s old, hairy and gross, I think he’s fucking hot, really fucking hot! Unfortunately I don’t know him so I can’t blow him, so this Ron Jeremy dildo will have to do. You can pretend it’s your massive tool if you like, watch me suck off this dildo and imagine I’m sucking you off, then blast that load of cum right into my mouth!
Duration: 06:01
Magic Wand
I recently got home from work and I’m feeling really horny, it’s time to take out my camera and my magic wand and fuck it good (the magic wand not the camera:-)
Duration: 05:46
King Dong
I may look and act like a complete fucking slut, ok well I guess I am a bit of one too, but as much as I do love to suck and fuck I have a tight little cunt. I love word cunt, most chicks hate it and that makes me love it even more. Watch me stuff this big fucking dong up my tight little cunt, it really hurts and stretches me out. You might want to lower the volume because my fucking phone which was next to the camera keeps going off and it’s so fucking annoying I want to kill someone. I stay focused on shoving the giant cock up my cunt though and so should you:-)
Duration: 05:42
School Girl
I love role playing, and today I'm going to be a naughty schoolgirl who deserves a spanking from you my older teacher. How about I grind my wet pussy all over your hard cock, we can't have sex because I'm your student and that would be just wrong, I want you to enjoy my white cotton panties so I can earn that extra credit. I won't tell if you don't:-)
Duration: 05:34
Lock Up Your Daughters
With the great role model celebrities out there showing the youth of today how to act appropriately it’s no wonder you log on to the internet and see some college aged party girl stripping and playing with herself in front of a video camera to get total strangers off. Not giving a second thought to consequences and repercussions of being naked and slutty on the internet to make a few bucks and how that can come back and bite ya right in the ass one day. God bless us youth and our wacky ways!
Duration: 05:09
My ASSets
If you like a little junk in the trunk then baby I have some padunkadunk for you…
Duration: 05:08
Pudgy Princess
So you know those chubby girls that dress way too skimpy and they have the muffin tops sticking out over the jeans they are wearing too low and the shirt they wear too high, well shoot me if I ever do that! I know I have a little belly and a bit of meat on me, I think I rock it well. I’m a little pudgy because I’m always hungry, for cum! So pull you cock out and feed my little birds and pudgy little belly some cum, I’m serious fill my belly button and nut all over me!

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